Travel // Crane 29 with Canopy & Stars…

crane 29 canopy and stars

With all the excitement of the Summer holidays and getting away, I realised I haven’t shared with you our stay at Crane 29.  The most beautiful and unique crane house in Bristol, built by the team at Canopy & Stars.

Bristol has a maritime heritage and central to the City sits the harbour.  Once a busy trade harbour with ships docking from all over the world, it is now home to restaurants, pleasure boats, art galleries and museums, one of which being the Mshed.

The Mshed houses exhibitions of Bristol’s rich history. Sitting outside the museum are the cranes, used to load and unload these great ships.  Iconic, part of this Cities heritage.  So when Canopy & Stars said they were creating a treehouse on one of the crane’s I couldn’t wait to see how it would turn out.

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Travel // Long distant road tripping with kids…

Over the past few years we have taken the kids on various holidays in both the UK and Europe, driving down to France, even down as far as Northern Spain.  Spending long distances and many many hours in the car.  It’s boring, tiring and a total drag as a parent, but what is it like for the kids?  10 x worse. BP Ultimate has recently looked at what keeps us Brits moving and what makes a car journey run smoothly,

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Life Lately // A new Instagram project…

Instagram is slowly loosing it’s appeal for many people.  I hear on forums, twitter chats and on the app itself that people are fed up with the ever changing algorithm.  Not only that, people are increasingly feeling stifled with the need to ‘curate’ their feed.  To live an ‘insta’ worthy life, and to only post their very best. Why? Well to ensure that their likes are up and growing followers, to monetise their feed as a micro influencer. Oh yes

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Simple Interiors // Ikea’s a/w lookbook…

You may remember a few months back I was invited to take over Ikea UK’s Instagram stories, showcasing some of my favourite products from their upcoming A/W launch.  If you missed it… then let me walk you through the new product range. This upcoming season, Ikea have identified four key trends that will dominate the interiors space. You will see dark blues and greens mixed with luxurious metals in the trend Midnight Tropics alongside a continuation of the Scandinavian trend which has

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Simple Living // Studio tour with Flora Jamieson…

Last week I spent a wonderful few hours visiting my pal Flora Jamieson in her studio in Bridport.  After having seen her home on Instagram for many years it was an absolute treat to be sitting in her kitchen drinking coffee and looking at her beautiful space. Flora Jamieson has been designing and making stained glass for 20 years.  She makes contemporary decorative windows, panels and free-hanging stained glass pieces, which she sells online and in selected shops and galleries.

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Seasonal rituals // Summer manifesto 2017…

It’s that time of year again…. so it’s time for the LGS summer manifesto.  A little wish list of things we want to do / achieve over the coming six weeks.  These could be large day trips like to Legoland and to the seaside, plus camping and holidays.  Down to smaller everyday simple pleasures, like eating a juicy flat peach… oh my word they are my favourite. So here in detail are some of the things we are up to:

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Seasonal Rituals // Iced coffee on a sunny day with Nespresso…

Sunny weekends in the garden deserve good iced coffee.  These past few days I’ve been enjoying the latest ‘limited edition’ capsules from Nespresso, sipping this cool intense yet refreshing drinks whilst smelling my roses and reading a book. Bliss!  Shame the kids are on holiday now – as those relaxed days in the garden are going to be few and far between now… hey ho :)

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