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Nature in the Home update...

Nature in the Home took a little break for Summer here on the blog. Although it has been quiet on here, it has been wonderful over on Instagram.  It's week 15 for 2014, and this weeks collection is particularly beautiful.  I love how the end of Summer is bringing more muted shades into our photography, and the use of feathers, butterflies and fruit is making an appearance too.

Nature in the Home will be back on the blog in Autumn, but you can still join in with the weekly submissions on Instagram using the hashtag #natureinthehome.  Please join us, it will be lovely to see what you find.

Feeding the birds...

Image via Pinterest
Summer is slowly slipping by, and as I dread the return of Winter I am looking forward to Autumn, my favourite season.  A chance to take long walks through the woodlands, smell the earth and crunch leaves under foot.  With a Summer like we have just had, I am sure we are due a terribly cold Winter.

Now is the time to think about putting out bird feeders to feed your local feathered friends throughout the dark months.  Giving the birds a chance to discover the source of food so they know where to go when they need it.  We love to make our own feeders, half an orange skin, filled with animal fat and bird seeds hung up in the tree.  The boys get extremely competitive, marking off the birds that visit their own home made feeder.  

At the allotment we have many varieties of feeders, catering for different types of birds.  Fat balls, peanuts and nigella seeds are firm favourites with British native species.  This weekend we will be giving our feeders a good clean, and replacing any broken ones ready for the Winter months.  

How do you feed the birds?  Do you have any tips?

This post was written in association with Homebase.  All words and thoughts are my own.

A bit of a trumpet blow...

Yes, I'm blowing my own trumpet!  Sorry guys, click away if you like.  But, I just want to let you know of somethings I've been up to.

Firstly - Lionheart Magazine.  Issue 5 is on sale now, and I have two pieces in there.  First up a little something I wrote about cooking outdoors and with a just a few essentials and key ingredients, anywhere can feel like home.  I also contributed to a piece about our favourite spots in our own home, alongside some other of the magazines contributors.  Lionheart Magazine is a true treasure, a wonderfully independent magazine with a ROAR in it's heart.  If you can't get a copy locally to you, can buy it on-line here.

Secondly - I've been approached by the Telegraph Newspaper to write for their family travel section.  Oh yes!  I have been fortunate to review a glamping site back in May and more recently Starry Skies festival.  The glamping review of Dome Garden appeared in the Saturday paper, but can also be read in full on-line here.  The Starry Skies review over is over here.

So that's it. Consider trumpet fully blown!

Just So Festival...

Just So Festival is this weekend. We were meant to be going, tickets booked, costumes found, all raring to go.  But sadly we aren't going.  For the past two weeks I've been recovering from a kidney infection, bought  on by my previous festival experience (too much alcohol, not enough water and being rubbish at looking after me). SULK!

It is for the best, I am on the road to recovery.  We shall definitely be going next year.  You can read our time at Just So Festival last summer over here.  It was awesome.

Right, best not cry!  Off to play with my boys.

Wearing - Toast AW 14...

Long time readers of Littlegreenshed will know how much I love Toast.  The clothes, the homewares, the photography et al.

This seasons lookbook has just been launched and as usual I have swooned over every page.  But nothing gets me like this leather jacket.  Oh my goodness, it's gorgeous.  I want it real bad.

I haven't owned a leather jacket since the 1980's.  18 years old, wearing a cropped (yes cropped) biker jacket around town.  I loved it, felt cool, channeling Neneh Cherry (buffalo stance).  Oh yes, I rocked that jacket.  But like all teenagers, as soon as it was 'out' it was gone.  Never to wear one again.

Until now... hopefully!