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In Clover Magazine - a review...

A few weeks ago I was lucky to receive a copy of the brand new magazine - In Clover.  It was love at first sight.  Slightly smaller than the average magazine, but oh does it pack a punch.  It is beautiful.  From cover to cover.

Let me tell you about their story...

In Clover is the brain child of Bryony, a Cornish fashion journalist student.  With a love of print, she decided to create her own magazine.  In Clover.  The idea came about after watching her mother bake, seeing how happy and absorbed she was, gaining pleasure from the process.  In Clover promotes offline pursuits and slow living in the form of art, food, culture and sustainable fashion.

As a person whose job it is to be online all the time, I relish the chance to switch off.  Go outside, walk in the woods, bake, craft... take life slow.  So the idea of a magazine that actively promotes this to me is wonderful.

Each article is thoughtfully written with astonishingly beautiful photographs by some very talented photographers.  I particularly loved the piece on Italian photographer, Massimo Vitali.  His images of bathers taken from a far are just incredible.  Using the whole landscape around him, each photograph has a very over exposed quality, you can almost feel the heat of the sun, and hear the sounds of the busy beach life.

From off-line getaways, interviews, foraging tips, recipes, fashion spreads, this magazine has something for everyone.

After reading it, I now want a tattoo by MISO, escape to the cabin in the woods, and forage for my candle lit supper.  In Clover magazine has done it's job - now to turn off this computer!

If you'd like a copy of In Clover magazine then head over to their shop.

All images (except the top one) are by In Clover Magazine.


Mr Roe by A Wooden Tree on Folksy
A couple of weeks ago I started working freelance as Digital Editor (at large) with the brilliant team at Folksy.  It has been such an honour and pleasure working for these guys.  Folksy is really cool!

As part of my job, I get to look at beautiful handmade items, uploading my finds to Instagram and write lovely interviews with some incredible creative people  - dream gig!

As I flick through the pages on the Folksy website, I have discovered many perfect items of homewares, clothing, jewellery, stationery and craft supplies. Mentally making my dream Christmas wishlist, and also pinning to my new Pinterest board - Folksy Findings.

So if you are looking for some birthday or Christmas inspiration - or just wish to discover some new talent, hop over to check it out... (oh and if you are a Folksy seller, please let me know!).

Time to light up the dark with Cable & Cotton lights...

Dark, grey days need a little sparkle.  I love having a mix of lighting sources in the home. From floor lamps to candles, table lamps and of course fairy lights.

I adore my new set of Cable and Cotton lights... they are perfect.  Giving a warm happy glow to my living room corner - in fact it feels like I have the fire lit when they are on, such is the lovely light.

I chose the standard set called Glow.  A mix of neutral tones, grey, cream, taupe and white, that compliments the colour scheme in my lounge.  But there are many different colour-ways to choose from on their website.

At the moment, they are a jumble of glowing balls on the floor, lighting up a dark corner and my newly painted cabinet.  I may hang them up at some point, but I quite like them like this - informal and pretty.

*I was sent a set of cable and cotton lights to review. All views and opinions are my own - as always.  Thank you cable and cotton for such lovely lights. 

Seasonal Rituals - The fire...

Image via Pinterest
This weekend we lit our first fire of the season.  I love the ritual of making a fire, scrunching of the paper (or making twists), stacking the kindling on top in a tipi shape, then lighting the paper from below, watching the flame roar upwards.

We have a log burner in our lounge,  A little treat with some redundancy money I received from a job that I hated, many years ago. I love how our beautiful log burner brings us light and warmth in those dark days of Winter. The irony is not lost on me.

In half term, we shall take a trip to a local farm to stock up on bags of cut logs.  We've been going there for years.  The barn is something to be seen.  Oak framed and beautiful, stacked high to the rafters with beautifully seasoned fire wood.  Yes I am a wood geek!  I am obsessed with logs, fireplaces and the perfect fire.  Spending hours pinning such things on Pinterest.  

So, that is it. The fire is on now, until Spring.  We prefer to heat our home in this way, I always seem to get a cold when the central heating is turned on. Does anyone else?

So, do you have a log burner or an open fire?

More inspiration on fireplaces can be found over on my Pinterest board...

Styling the Seasons - October...

Following on from Septembers Styling the Season - here is my October submission.  

October to me is the month of extremes; on one part it’s harvest time and another part it is also a time of decay.  Cottage gardens and allotments are full of produce, chard, beetroot, the last of the tomatoes and of course squashes and pumpkins. The hedgerows are full of berries and nuts ready to be picked and stored or made into delicious warming tipples. 

The flip side to all this autumnal abundance is fall. The decay and slow die back of crops and leaves. The smell of damp woodland earth and mushrooms is in the air.  On our Autumn walks at the moment we are finding many, many stray feathers.  I have been told that birds moult at this time of year in preparation for migration; discarding old feathers and growing new plumage to help them fly off to warmer climes.
For my monthly column over on Seeds & Stitches blog - I show you how to make the feather mobile.  Hop over there to read more... Autumnal Feather Wall Hanging.
(joining in with Apartment Apothecary & LottsandLots) #stylingtheseasons.