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International Garden Photographer of the Year 2010

Tulips, Photograph by Sergey Karepanov

I have just spotted these awesome photographs over at the guardian.  They have the winners of the International Garden Photographer of the Year 2010.

Wow, these photographs are stunning, truely inspiring for someone like me who loves plants and photography.

Alderman Allotments. Bristol, photograph by Mark Bolton

I love this one, the autumn morning sunlight over the brassica beds... ah I've got all romantic!  Maybe I am biased as Alderman Allotments are not far from mine.

I wish I could take photos like these, they are absolutely gorgeous...

Layered Landscape, photography by Marianne Majerus

So pop on over here for more wonderful plant filled photography.



  1. Hi Lou

    Thanks for visiting my blog. These are beautiful photos aren't they? Thanks for pointing them out. I love your blog - I'll pop back again when I can look at my leisure.

  2. I love the allotment pictures, they look so fresh and eerily calm, the line up of sheds looks like they could be homes to gnomes and pixies, wonderfully romantic. C x

  3. The photos of the allotments are simply stunning!!
    I stumbled across your blog while searching for allotment blogs,I've enjoyed reading posts from your archives and I'm looking forward to your updates.. :0)


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