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Make Bread

I want to learn how to make bread.

Really good bread, the kind of bread that Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall would make.  Artisan bread, good wholesome bread.

Bread that looks like this....

Image by Dorothy Lane Market
Every time I try, it ends up being as solid as a brick, and totally uneatable.  Does anyone know where I am going wrong?  Or recommend a good bread book?  I have thought of getting this one (back on the River Cottage theme) or maybe this book.  

We have a fantastic artisan baker locally to me, Marks Bread, based in sunny Southville, Bristol.  His bread is to die for, perfect round loaves, so crusty and tasty he always has a queue of people up the street.  Charlie loves to come to Mark's Bread, he insists in carrying the warm loaves home, hugging them to his chest, discretely nibbling them!

Unfortunately, buying these amazing loaves are a treat, with greatness comes a price!  So you see, this is why I need to learn how to make bread, bread like this... any help is greatly received!


  1. Hello, found you via tea for joy- someone recommended your blog there. I made my first loaf last week! my hubby makes good bread so maybe thats why it works; but it did! and i found it surprisingly easy! got so caught up in baking and then eating it that i didn't take any photo's though...

  2. Hi HannahB, thanks for stopping by and your comment. I have had a go this week at making bread, gonna be my post today. Yes I found I got into the 'baking zone' it's really meditative. I've had some hits (well one) the rest are not cooked on the inside, but I will soldier on until I get a good loaf.


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