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Courgette Cake

If you are like me and have so many courgettes you are bored of them, I suggest you try this brilliant recipe by the quite fantastic Alys Fowler in her book The Edible Garden.

It simply uses courgettes in the place of carrots, and my sons just think it's cake, which is also a great way to get some veggies into them.

So here's the recipe...

1 Medium courgette or 2 small ones, topped, tailed and shredded - it's best to leave them for a day so that they lose a bit of their moisture.
100g (4oz) softened butter
150g (5oz) soft brown sugar
2 eggs
200g (7oz) flour
3 tsps baking powder

Beat the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy.  Add the eggs, one at a time, and beat as hard as you can.  Add the flour and baking powder.  Mix together, then add the courgettes.
I cook it in a bread tin because I like the utilitarian look of cake made this way.  Pre-grease whatever tin you use and cook for about 40-45 minutes at 180 degrees C (350 degrees F) for a normal oven or 160 (350) for a fan oven.  You can make them into cupcakes, cooked for about 10-12 minutes, but keep an eye on them.

Perfect with a coffee.

I think next time, I will try the cupcakes and ice them with blackberry icing... yum. x 


  1. hola :) thanks for commenting on my blog. i'll be adding you to my blog roll.

    this recipe looks great. will defo be trying it, probably the muffin version, then i can sling them in the freezer and enjoy for a quick brekkie. 30 secs in the microwave - instant yumminess :)

  2. Anonymous19.8.10

    A friend of mine made these and they are delicious, will be making them very soon! Our 3 year old thought it was fab!

  3. Thank you for stopping by and your comment! Yes my two sons think it's great, they have asked what the green bits are and they dont seem to mind it's courgette!

  4. I have tried this cake from her book and it is lovely, I didn't tell my sons what the green bits were until after they had eaten it all up!, they don't like courgettes but they said they didn't care as it was yummy.


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