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Shhhh it's a Woolly Secret!

Shhh!  I've started a small project.  Here is just a sneaky peek at what I am doing.  I reckon you can probably guess what it is from the photo, and no it's not for me!

I love Debbie Bliss patterns and wool, so easy to use... I should finish this in a couple of days, so will post the final product later.

Shhh... for a lovely friend...

p.s. on another note, has anyone had problems with wool/clothes eating moths?  They are in my house and having a party!  Any tips of riddiing these buggers?  This wool is being kept in an air tight container, so they don't get at it!



  1. Oooh lovely, I did a few Debbie Bliss bits when I was up the duff with Pearl- beautiful, but I think just one little cardi ended up costing about £40 to make- eek! Don't know what to suggest about the moths- other than pongy mothballs!

  2. I don't think moths like lavender so it is worth a try :-)

  3. lovely knitted goodness - i love the colour too,

    not sure what to do about moths, they don't like lavender but if you've got them really bad i think it might take something stronger!


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