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Kids Clothes Week Challenge - Day 2

Okay, it's official!  I am finding this challenge difficult!  Firstly I am having real problems sourcing decent patterns for boys...(yes I should have done this weeks ago, and believe me I did start then, but I am still blooming looking!).

I wanted to knit mittens, then realised I needed 4 double pointed needles... don't have those, so this idea has been shelved.

2nd I wanted to make this cool idea, on turning an old jumper into some lovely mitts... I've been around the charity shops and cannot find a single jumper worthy of chopping up! 

3rd I am in need of a pattern which is simple enough (I am an utter novice with my sewing machine), which doesnt involve buttons, or zips!


Is anyone else having problems?

I am having a wobble and wish I hadn't signed up for this!

I should stop moaning and start doing... humpf.


  1. I'm knitting P some of these you don't need dpns as it gives you alternative intstructions for ordinary 4mm needles x

  2. I hope things are going a little better for you - I got nothing done today, am hoping to make up for it tomorrow!
    How about this pattern - - elasticated pyjama / casual trousers, I think they're probably quite simple!?

    Good luck, x


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