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Diana love

Since starting this blog in March, my love of photography has grown.  I enjoy taking pics so much, that when I am not with my camera I am always seeing perfect shots to take.  I feel I have become addicted.

I have come across the Diana on many a blog.  The camera uses film, which will be a challenge to go back to after snapping away with a digital.  The beauty of this camera is that the images it takes look so old school, and you can play around with it.  Fully wind it on or leave it half wound on for a layered effect.

Like these beautiful images from here comes the sun blog. 

Take a look at Lomography Shop for more info.  Hmm maybe I need a holga too!


Yes please Mr Christmas, a camera like this would suit me just right!



  1. I have been lusting after one of those cameras for quite a while now....but you are right, changing back to film after being digital is a big ask! My other half upgraded my phone a few months ago, ( I have been quite behind in phone technology! ) and a couple of days ago I downloaded a camera app to take these pics again. Its great to get the best of both worlds. To have a play with different lenses and camera films but still take a digital pic. Although.....I think you still have to be able to hold one in your hands to REALLY feel the best effect! he he

  2. i know what you mean, I find myself hovering over flowers with one eye seeing if it would look good as a photo! Bonkers - and bad for my wrinkles lol. Addicted here too I think. Your photos are fab by the way, how do you get that lovely vintage look to them?


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