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Outside my window

Outside the window of my lounge we have a Crab Apple Tree.  Dan bought it for me two years ago to celebrate our anniversary.. diamonds moi?  I think not!

Crab Apples are supposed to symbolise love..  well it did to the Ancient Celts. (I have read it somewhere, I didn't make it up honest!) 

So, we planted our lovely little tree in a pot to sit outside our lounge window so we could see it everytime we came home.

At the moment it is looking it's beautiful autumnal best.  Gosh it is breath taking in the sunshine.

One day, I plan to plant this tree in the garden of our forever home.. and there it will stay.

But for now it shines golden, brightening up our lounge and our street.

And living in a row of victorian terraces in Bristol, our street much like all the others round here, does need to be brightened up.

I just have to remember to water it more often, and take better care.



  1. Aaaaawwwww and even better then flowers - this will last you a life time and think of the rewards you can reap and bottle up each Autumn.

    Nina xxx

  2. What a beautiful romantic present- you obviously snared a gooden! Cx

  3. Love that pressie idea! I got a tree for eldest sweetpea to celebrate his birth and a rose bush for each of the girls. It is lovely how such an object can bring back lovely memories :-)


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