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First snow of winter

This morning we woke to a slight dusting of snow in Bristol.  Nothing much really. 

Snow had just barely settled on the rooftops, too warm in the city for a really good layer to settle.

We decided to head out into the country, to my home village and to the fields where I used to sledge as a child.

Here the snow had fallen deep enough to allow the boys to test out the new sledge.

The view from the top of the hill over the valley to Tyntesfield Estate was breathtaking. The sunlight on the woods makes it look like mountains!

The hill was just the right gradiant to get a good slide going without being to fast.  We couldn't get Rufus out for anyone else to have a go! 

Although, I did manage to squeeze my behind in for a whizz down the hill (yes Ru had to come too!).

I love how the snow picks out details which I would normally take for granted, like these victorian roof tiles on the old barn next to the church.

We only lasted half an hour before the boys became cold and tired.  Headed off to Nana & Grampa's for hot chocolate and the log burner.



  1. We had much the same snow up the road here in Worcester. My daughter did manage to make a miniature snowman with it though.

  2. i love the photos, a light dusting makes everything all look so pretty,

  3. Those roof tiles with the snow are gorgeous images! My kids read all the Xmas books about snow, sleds & taboggans, and it's dream like for them. How very special and cool you got out with the sled, and have snow!! Great photo of you and Ru together. Mittens are another thing only read about! :)

  4. Lovely pictures - lucky you to get some snow to play in. The tiles on the roof look great.

    Love the book in the last post too, oh for a tidy house! x


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