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The Great British Spirit

Okay, it's the 5th of November... Bonfire Night.

It is absolutely lashing down outside.

Pretty much rained like this continuously all day.

But through the window of my cosy snug can see brilliant blues, greens and silvers lighting up the night sky.

Such determination us Brits.  No matter the appalling weather, we still battle on.  That Dunkerk spirit, or Wimbledon maddness.

Good for you, you brave and fearless people.

Thank you for bringing some sparkle to this soggy day.

The boys and I have just watched the most amazing fireworks from our attic window, safe from the torrent outside.

We were supposed to be having a Bonfire Party with family at my parents, but my mum is feeling poorly with Sinusitis.  Get well soon mum.

So to those of you who actually made it to a display I salute you!



  1. Even though it was a bit strange doing bonfire night in October- I'm jolly glad we did now. Poor Steve just went out to get curry and came backl looking like a drowned rodent! Hope all is well with your clan xx

  2. I feel like this was written just for me! We've put on our waterproofs and wellies, took torches and sparklers and foolishly hoped that the rain would subside. It didn't, but we did get to see fireworks and have a bit of a (wet) adventure! I think if we'd had great sky views from any of our windows we would have stayed in too!

  3. Wow, it sounds like we were lucky tonight as we had a bonfire party in the dry! Its blowing a houley out there now but we got the fireworks in the dry. Hurrah. Glad you got to see some sparkle in the dry. I love the british determination & grit to just darn well get on with it! Hope the weather drys up for you. Jacs x


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