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Seeing Stars

Gosh!  What a rainy grey day!

Rufus and I have just cuddled down, made a nest and started to make some Christmas decorations.

Last week I ordered many red coloured wallpaper samples from Wallpapersdirect with an idea to make some star & heart shaped christmas garlands.

Today we started...

Whilst watching Octonauts (love this show!), we hole punched tiny hearts and stars out of the wallpaper.  My favourite was the paisley design above as it made interesting coloured stars.

Then I sewed them together on my sewing machine, using a simple running stitch.  Stopping to add each star point first as it fed through easier that way.

Such a happy and colourful task.  Little confetti on my table.

Then using stickydots (like bluetac but clear) I stuck the garlands to my mantlepiece.

I love the result.  Such a quick and easy way to add Christmas to my home.

Don't panic, I haven't decorated for Christmas yet, just for the purposes of the photo!



  1. i love this idea - think i'm going to have to make some too, they look great x

  2. Kelly, you should! So easy and totally statisfying. I may have to get a bigger sized star punch to layer the effect. x

  3. It looks great Lou, and so effective! If I could use my sewing machine at the moment I'd be running up some of these too!
    Such grim weather today, the cats and I are snuggled in the lounge with patchwork quilts and Jack Johnson playing ... :-)
    D x

  4. They are soooo pretty and very effective.

    Nina xxx

  5. I think they're brilliant - might have to copy your idea!
    And is that a little Isak design I spy in the background?

  6. Hi Kirsty, yes you are correct it is! I love this design, I always say it's me & Dan..especially the tray, have you seen it?

    hehe it makes me crack up!

  7. Aaaaw so pretty and cute. I remember seeing something like this made out of red hearts cut from magazine pictures- I would have never thought to put paper throught the sewing machine xx

  8. Gorgeous! Gonna steal this idea too :) Just have to find me some holepunchery things.
    Rhi :)

  9. oohh what a fab make, if only I could use a machine! Love that Isak card too - so cute and funny the same time. It reminds me of my parents when they were younger :-)

  10. What a great idea, love it.
    I can't wait to decorate the house for Christmas which is something I never thought I'd hear myself say! Must be what children do to you!

  11. Love it, but it is a tad early! Crazy!!
    Hope things are okay for you tonight. Big love,

    Sam - Scarlett's mum from School


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