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A dusting of Icing Sugar

Yesterday after school, we made snowflakes, hearts and stars.

Using greaseproof paper & card (as the hole punches wouldn't work on the greaseproof paper), we stuck our winter display to the french doors.

This morning we woke to this....

A light dusting of icing sugar.  It looks so pretty!
Rufus is convinced the snowflakes we made had somehow performed magic and made the real snow arrive!
Today is Charlie's last day of term, I didn't send him as they were only watching DVD's.
I would rather do some more craft with him and maybe play in the snow.
Whilst writing this, the snow is really falling outside...
Hope you are all cosy & warm, have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Oooh we only had an even lighter dusting than that- but I think we may be in for a big load this weekend. Enjoy your cozy craft day

  2. Hello Lou
    Same here! It's very pretty and after the heavy downfall during the morning it now looks amazing with the sun shining on the snow and making it glisten.... perfect Christmas weather!
    Have a wonderful day at home crafting with the boys :-)
    Denise x

  3. So pretty. I think I'll try making these later with my little one.

  4. I love your snowflakes. My attempts are very poor in comparison. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. i've kept mine off school today too! he's teachers not even gone in! great snowflakes, i enjoy making them more than the children do


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