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Gosh it is freeeeezing!

There is no way we are venturing out today.  I know I will slip over as soon as I walk outside.

A little stir crazy, Rufus especially.

Trying to keep tempers at a low and find interesting things to occupy small wild boys.

We have drawn some Christmas cards & pictures...

The card above is by Rufus, a stag & the Christmas tree.

And this is by Charlie.

An Elf with a couple of Christmas trees.

This craft activity has lasted a whole 10 minutes!


Lego... bring out the Lego!!



  1. Lovely artistic drawings- clever boys! We all went out seldging but I had to coe back with Pearl aftr about 2 mins when she got too cold! We may make a snowman in the yard later- will have to see...

  2. They are such cute drawings :) Love the big smile on the elf!
    We're housebound and snowed in today too, I just got desperate and cleaned out the toy cupboard.. found some long lost friends which helped fill in another 20 minutes... Good luck ;) x

  3. We are definitely staying in today too I got cold just looking out of the window! Z and E are playing/fighting with the Lego as I write this...those drawings are soooo cute!

  4. have to say we've now given in to both ours moaning and the telly is on! i'm surprised i lasted this long!

  5. Anonymous19.12.10

    Why not open a new Christmas present for them both tomorrow morning? Hx

  6. how abut sleeping lions?!

  7. @ Hannah: Hahahha! This made me laugh! I bloody wish. There is no way my two would stay still enough to play this game... but worth a try! x

    @ Helen.. they've already had one present each early, at this rate there will be none left for xmas day!

    @ Kelly, Rhi, Charley & BPC: we need a plan of action! Maybe we can take it in turns to post a game/activity for each day of the hols which we can all try?


  8. Make little snow globes with them, great fun for kiddies and Mums :-) Hope you get my parcel soon - I posted you one quite a few days ago.

  9. So cute, love the pictures!

    I am freezing too, and I shouldn't be. In Australia it's summer, but we have had a lot of rain and no sun.


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