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Mini me's.....

The boys have discovered they have dressing up clothes to match their new toys!  Hours of endless Toystory role play.

I have noticed the most wonderful thing... my two sons becoming best friends.  This holiday has been magical for them... I don't want it to end.



  1. how wonderful! Hope it last for ages. My kids seem to have gone the other way this holiday, having been great friends they have decided to fight like crazy! Hey ho! Kids look sweet in their costumes. Jacs x

  2. so cute! i love it when my two get on well, looks like you all had a lovely Christmas,

  3. How fabulous- that is a photo to keep forever! I was saying something similar the other day about how spending a couple of weeks together has done my girls the world of good- not only are they playing beautifully together, but they also seem to be far more accepting of our bounderies at home too. No doubt it will all go back down the pan when school and childcare starts again next week, but it really has restored my faith that they are not delinquants!

    Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog- it is lovely to meet a like mind- we must meet for real soon! xx

  4. oh its so nice when they just enjoy their own company, its like thats how it should be. No arguing just a relaxed house all in harmony, these are the memories that we cherish x

  5. Looks like you've had a lovely Christmas, mine are getting along beautifully too, makes such a huge difference when they're not exhausted from the school routine.
    They look fab in those costumes - I don't think we've had a day without dress-up here! Holidays are the best, x


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