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Trees, Trees & Lanterns

Yesterday was a big Christmas preparation day..

In the morning I helped to sell Christmas trees at Charlie's school.

This was a first, I never thought I would sell Christmas Trees, discussing the size, peoples houses, whether the tree would fit into their lounge, the size of the trunk and if it would fit into the stand.

One thing that stood out to me was the people's love to support the local school and to buy trees from a local source, without the airmiles of trees shipped in from overseas or struggling with attaching a tree to the roof of their own car.

The local community came, bought and wandered the streets home with their tree.  I liked the idea of people carrying their beloved tree over their shoulders through the streets of Southville.

Me, on the other hand (not wanting to sound like a hypocrite!), went on our family traditional outing to choose and fell our own tree.

Over the past 8 years Dan & I have gone to a little farm near Bristol, which has a Christmas Tree Plantation.

The farm is so popular now, with people wanting to buy a locally grown tree and to support a local farmer.  The track up to the farm was solid with people coming and going.

So our tree was selected, and chopped down by Daddy, and the boys helped to carry back to the car.

We must have gone around the field 3 times before we made our final decision... it was funny to see how other people made thier choice.  Some families had stuck santa hats on their choices so it was easier to make their final choice... genius!

As it grew dark, we headed to Ashton Court Estate, to the hill with a view over Bristol.

The boys loved having hot chocolate and we sat watched the lights slowly come on in the houses below as it grew dark.

Once dark we sent up sky lanterns, with our wishes to Father Christmas.

My geeky elder son was concerned that they were blowing West not North to the North Pole..(although he didn't know which direction North was!).

We let off four, one each.

We made our wishes... something about a pedal bike, bigger house, lots of toys and happiness.

Who knows... these all might just come true.

Happy days..



  1. An excellent choice of tree! I can't wait to see a pic of it decorated ;) And I love your lantern release and wish tradition too, your boys are going to have such happy memories of that. x

  2. hi Lou, where is the tree plantation? I would love to go and choose one ourselves, and such a great idea to do the lanterns, great photos, emma ;0)

  3. Thanks Lou, I will remember this for next year, I love your boys faces illuminated by the lantern, so magical and so hilarious to read that the oldest knows which way the wind is blowing! Emma ;0)

  4. Anonymous12.12.10

    Oh Lou may all your wishes come true. Love reading your blog; love seeing my gorgeous nephews with their beautiful smiles and sparkly eyes, making their Christmas memories so special together; also love the concern about wind direction, if Ewan had been there, he could have debated with Charlie - what a pair they are?! Hx

  5. How great being able to choose your own tree. I love the boys' faces in the lantern pictures - captivated by the magic of it all, they will indeed treasure those memories, hope all your wishes come true. x

  6. Wow,what a lovely post. I would love to do this when we eventually have a house that can host a tree! Gorgeous pictures too.

  7. Anonymous12.12.10

    Amazing, amazing photos! - they are so beautiful that I am really quite emotional ! The look of wonder in the boys faces as Dan launched the lanterns - truly magical! Those lanterns are quite spiritual aren't they - I first saw them being lit in Thailand - dozens of them floating away in the darkness over the ocean. Have you used them all? Maybe you could send some aloft on Christmas evening.

    Luv Mx

  8. What a lovely tradition to have. I am well envious of the wood pile in the first photo! Beautiful pics Lou. x Jacs x

  9. aaahh what a wonderfully warming blog post . x


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