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Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

Happy winter Solstice!

So amazing that today was also a lunar eclipse.

I didn't see the Eclipse (although I wish I had), apparently the skies turned an amazing shade of red, turning the frozen ground to glow deep crimson.

For the first time in nearly 400 years the lunar eclipse coincided with the winter solstice. At one point, both sun and eclipsed moon was briefly visible above the horizon, called a selenehelion.

Wow, magical!

So, today, on the shortest most magical day of the year... we are planning to celebrate with many candles, good food & company.

Have a wonderful solstice.



  1. And wishing you a Happy Solstice too, Lou !
    Oh how wonderful it would have been to see the eclipse! But only dense cloud here today ...
    Have fun!
    D x

  2. A happy solstice to you too - wish I had seen the eclipse - and have a great Christmas.

  3. I didn't know any of that - thank you! Have a lovely evening too.

  4. The pictures looked amazing today in the news of the Eclipse. If I had know about it I would have tried to take a picture of the moon last night ☼


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