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Hopes & Dreams .....

{Deep breath!}
I suppose I have a whole year. 
I am looking forward to the learning & the holidaying bits.
Have a Happy Happy Happy! 2011 lovelies...
Enjoy celebrating today, we are having roast lamb stuffed with rosemary & garlic, with family.



  1. Happy New Year Lou! Some great ideas in place for 2011 and very do-able. Look forward to seeing what The Little Green Shed is up to in 2011! Sonia x :)

  2. Those are wonderful hopes and dreams - so much nicer than resolutions!

  3. Happy New Year Lou! I love reading your blog and think this is an inspired mixture of of fun things and also 'good for you things' like running. Look forward to seeing how you get on! PS - Like your new blog design.

  4. Happy New Year! Looks like a lovely year ahead, that is a great list. So many things! I hope you keep blogging too ;) x Rhi

  5. Wow - that is some list! Happy new year x

  6. Wow! Good lists - I want to develop my sewing this year - time will tell!


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