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I LOVE these boots

Why are they so expensive?  £100 on just shoes? 

Not round here we can't!  I mean some people can obviously spend this kinda cash on a pair of delicious leather hightops with the reddest of red laces... but sadly I can't.


These could have cured my February hump.

p.s. Go check out the blog, seriously cool couple and kids.  Amazing photography & style.



  1. It is a lovely blog (sigh)
    Why don't you put some new red laces in existing boots? Having said that, I bought a pair of Campers about 10 years ago - so comfortable that now nothing else will do!

  2. yep i love the blog as well, infact found you on there! just about to have a good look at your blog, your not so bad yourself at this blogging lark! jane xxx

  3. I love those boots too...they're actually on sale for £79. Still pricey, but not as bad? I have some camper trainers, and as said above, they do last and are very comfy! Tempting! I'm a big fan of Pacing The Panic Room too. x

  4. They are lovely- not the sort of thing I'd ever wear as I don't ever wear jeans or trousers (not even for gardening) and I can't see them going well with skirts. I reckon if you were to splash out, they'd last forever though- they look fabulous quality x

  5. When I saw your text in my reader, before I saw the photo, I thought "I bet they are Campers"! I am addicted to Campers, it is an expensive passion. BUT, the pairs I do have are THE most comfortable and gorgeous shoes, I can't praise them enough. The first pair I bought were red boots, in 2003. I still wear them all the time and they are the best. In my current state of relative poverty, I have found cheap places that sell them - is one... I literally just bought a pair of brown boots (not so funky as the red-laced ones) online last week for 42 pounds. Have a look, maybe the sale is still on? in the US is also cheap, but postage is a lot. I bought 3 pairs of kids Campers there, and it worked out reasonably cheap! Oh, I could go on and on, I love them so much. I will blog about them one day. Believe it or not but there is a bit of a connection between me finding my husband, and buying those red shoes ;)

  6. Definitely an investment buy to save for maybe next winter? They do look great. Thanks for the recommendation - loved it and it's on my reader now!

  7. i love them, i think they probably are worth the money, i brought a pair of camper boots 9 years ago (well they were an xmas present really) but at £115 they were the most expensive thing i owned at the time! but 9 years on they are still going strong & get more comfy every year! they were worth every penny if you work out the cost per wear


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