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Today we took a trip up North to Solihull to meet up with family.
The cousins played so well together, naturally pairing off with their prefered cousin.
Rufus & Ruby stole the show with their humour, smiles and general cuteness.
A great day, great kids, great to see family.


  1. So lovely that they have cousins of similar age. I think my two will be grown up before they get any as I'm an only child and S's brother is showing no signs at all of wanting to breed and his sister is only 18. I come from a mini family and don't have any cousins either. Families rock though!

  2. My two got their first cousin in January! Next year will be fun when they can all get about together! I am loving your boards. Pinterest rocks!! My internet wouldn't work last night and I was SO annoyed I couldn't get back on!

  3. so cute. i remember that moment of waiting patiently to go down the slide. your photos are really lovely.


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