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sneaky second breakfast

Sunbathing, pyjama wearing, sneaking a second breakfast - my little monkeys.

They'd already had a bowl of porridge & jam for breakfast!

I thought it had gone quiet.

I came across this scene, two small bowls of Shreadies, two teaspoons, two camping cups of milk, using an upturned Ikea toy storage box for a table... a feast was laid, in the sundrenched corner of the family room.

Brothers loving their morning.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend....



  1. Bless em! Now you know they can do this for themselves, I reckon it's only to be encouraged- think of the weekend lie-ins you could be having! xx

  2. ps don't know how I get the photos so close together- blogger has a mind of its own when it comes to picture placement sometimes!

  3. That's so sweet. What wonderful sunshine we had today too. Rain forecast for tomorrow though - boo! But look - only 2 more followers to come before you hit the magic number!

  4. Adorable. My children are huge cereal eaters (the All bran & Weetbix types, they like bland cardboard) & in Winter it's 4 bowls of porridge for them, they don't even put honey on it. They have been doing their own cereal since they were about 3, great independence & the worst thing is a bit of spilt milk!! Love Posie

  5. How lovely. Isn't it great to see siblings enjoying time together.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

  6. Brilliant! Bless they look very proud of themselves, maybe they could stretch to making yours tomorrow! x

  7. Adorable! I love it when they just do stuff on their own like that. x

  8. how cute is that?? Kids are the coolest!

  9. I love them! They must have thought it was so much fun!


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