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sooty owl

Sooty Owl via Inaluxe
Since is was a child, when I made my first owl in pottery class I have always had such a fascination with Owls.  I think it's their silent beauty and the fact that you are pretty luck to see one!

When I was travelling in South Africa I visited a witch doctor who told me my animal guardian was an owl.  It didnt surprise me!  She told my friend that his was a stag... we all have a guardian animal apparently.

So when I spotted this lastest creation by Inaluxe - Sooty Owl, I had to share.



  1. What a gorgeous owl! X

  2. I love owls- my mum is terrified of them though and thinks they're really unlucky. Something to do with one coming to live in her garden the week her father died when she was a child. I wonder what my animal would be ...

  3. He's lovely - I like his rainbow body. And nice new header too which I recognise :-).

  4. Hi Lou,
    It's a lovely image :-)
    We're very fond of owl images here too, for no apparent reason, but maybe because they look so composed at all times :-)
    Where did the sunshine go today?
    D x


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