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found & inspired

Whilst having a bit of a spring clean, I came across this painting of Laburnum blossom tucked inside a book.
I painted it a couple of years ago whilst on holiday, staying on an Organic farm in Dorset.
A flood of happy memories came back to me of this holiday. 
The holiday where Rufus first learnt to master riding his balance bike and  many a happy day was spent digging for treasure on the beach.
Feeling inspired, I found my watercolours and picked a sprig of Forget-me-knot from the garden and set down for a little dabble.
It seems I am a little rusty, but good to have the brush in my hand again.


  1. I love your painting! It is great to rediscover a real talent x

  2. It's nice to find the time,for something you love to do.They look great.

  3. Your watercolours are so pretty! I wish I could paint xxx

  4. i think painting is like riding a bike. if you can do it, you can do it forever, you never really lose the skill. i miss painting. x

  5. Such delicate, thoughtful pieces. I agree with Francesca. You may feel a little rusty at first but then it all comes back!


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