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Today is my official first day of Easter holidays, I worked the past two days, so today is the day I have fun with my two sons, right?


Charlie was complaining yesterday of a sore throat, so I took him to the doctors this morning.  They both have tonsilitus! 


Both on different anti-biotics.  Charlie for his throat and Rufus for his throat and his bunged nasal tubes and glue ear.  I now have to remember to give their medicine at different times of the day, one an hour before meals and the other after!!!  Aghhh

Oh well, on the bright side, it's a grey drizzley day, so we have made Easter Cards, decorated bird boxes and made a lego quarry..... phew!   Not bad for poorly boys.

Let's hope the rest of the holidays are a little easier!

Happy holidays everyone!



  1. Oh no! Not the best start to the hols at all. Get well soon boys!

  2. Oh you poor things! Get well soon. Similar in our house. Bertie on antibiotics as of today for a chest infection, and I have a cold. I drove the children back to Devon yesterday to stay with my mum so she can look after us all! Take care x

  3. Oh dear! Get well soon lovely boys! My mum always used to give me hot honey and lemon before bedtime - always does the trick!

  4. uh oh, i hate the faff of antibiotics which need to be given at a certain time around food! almost impossible with small children! hope they start to feel better very soon so you can all enjoy the easter break

  5. poor you. gus is always on bloody antibiotics! and he never finishes the course, he just spits it at me. love it. at least your boys want to do creative things with you. no such luck at mrs eliot books! x

  6. oh my goodness, I hope they both get better soon and that you get some chill out time soon too. It is not fun when your little ones are ill :-( x

  7. ooo nooo! hope they get better soon, tilly had last week off school with tonsilitus as well! x


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