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If all else fails - at least we have radishes!
These are the Radish Rainbow Mix, the first time I have grown them and they look soooo good!

What are you up to this weekend, something wild and wonderful I hope?!
We were going to Legoland, but that's been postponed til later in the year.  Something to do with Tesco sending the wrong tickets... anyway,
So it's allotment, swimming, picnics and new goldfish shopping for us instead.
Happy weekend my sweets.



  1. Those radishes look magnificent. We like to grow radishes too and luckily they've always been quite successful.
    My weekend is looking good - a whole 3 jumble sales tomorrow! Cant wait!

    Have a great weekend xx.

  2. I relaly don't like radishes, but I wish I did because those are so pretty! Enjoy your weekend xx

  3. stupendous radishes!

    Over here, it is boys in cricket matches and lots of gardening and perhaps, with a fair wind, a glass of wine in the hammock!

  4. Mother nature just gets those colours spot on doesn't she?


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