I actually cannot believe it!
Really, is it really May?
We are hoping to see some May Day celebrations today… which will mean going to the villages for this as Bristol seems to have lost it’s pagan roots!
Have a wonderful May… I am sooooo excited!
Yippie to Beltane, yay to cowparsley & whoop to longer and longer days!

Lou Archell, a writer, photographer, stylist and founder of Littlegreenshed.  A UK lifestyle & travel blog

Lou is also a busy mum of two amazing boys and the founder of Sisterhood Camp – an annual creative retreat for recharging and empowering brilliant ladies, Lou is passionate about supporting and inspiring others whether through her workshops, writing, photography or lifestyle hacks.

  • great list. life drawing yeah! when you’ve been to legoland i’d like some tips please. x

  • DO you know, when I read this this morning I thought you were being a little ambitious planning to make elderflower cordial in May- but we’ve since been out on a walk and they really are coming out already- climate madness!!

  • and my pops birthday and seeing bluebells in the woods this morning! x happy may x

  • Lou, Lou, Lou, haven’t you forgotten something? Those hips aren’t young forever :)

  • my favourite month! and what a cracking day to see it in…enjoy your long weekend and all those lovely things you have planned to do. x

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