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weekend in pictures....

How was your weekend?  Super good I hope.

A few snippets of our two days....

* the sunshine after the rain, the clouds were awesome.
* boys emptied tadpoles into our new pond at the allotment {came from Nana's pond}
* visited the garden centre and park
* netted the peas and mangetout
* bought new Rufus new shoes {will show you later}
* Comet came home {Charlie's new goldfish}

♥ Have a great week!


  1. All looks fantastic! I hope your tadpoles are happy- what a great idea. Steve had an unfortunate accident with a frog this morning- he somehow managed to squash one in our front door- poor thing! Welcome to Comet x

  2. how beautiful your pictures are. the last one is gorgeous and your boys laughing is a joy! happy rest of your week xxxxx

  3. Glad you all had a fab weekend,we just put water in our frog pond and the frogs came.

  4. Love the "releasing tadpole" shot! brilliant. New "do" looks great too,

    Sarah x

  5. Hey - love the photos from the weekend. And thanks for the cucumber idea - I'm also going to try courgettes - my mum says they are pretty easy as well. Going to head to the garden centre some time this week. Please keep giving me advice!


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