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busy busy

I have been super busy this week.
It's all very exciting.
After much encouragement from friends and family I am busy sorting out prints and cards.
I am hoping to open up an Etsy and Folksy shop very soon.
I am a little nervous, I don't know if people will actually buy them!!?!!
Fingers crossed... we will see.

I have some other little projects up my sleeve, I just need to practice and work things out first.
Hopefully the shops will be up and open in a week.


  1. The blog is looking a bit gorgeous lady! I sooo need to do a revamp on mine. And what's all this "practice" then? Very intriguing...

  2. How exciting!! Cant wait to see all of the wonderful things you have for sale!

  3. Can't wait to see!
    Your photos are gorgeous so don't worry I'm sure it'll be a success, I must say folksy can be a little slow but if your not in a hurry to become rich your be fine!

  4. hooray! well done lou. looking forward to seeing the shops. now i'm wondering what you have to practice... x

  5. Ooh, good luck with your shops, Lou. xx

  6. *eek* excited for you - can't wait to see

  7. hooray, can't wait to see - we all love suprises, but I'm not very good at waiting...

  8. Yey , well done, go for it ! They certainly will buy your gorgeous prints :-) Can't wait to see them in your shop.

  9. Sounds fantastic Lou. Well done! I suspect my Paypal account will be taking a beating.........!

  10. How exciting! Good luck with sorting it all out! xx

  11. Oooh the suspense! Good luck x

  12. ooooh! can't wait to see!


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