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june harvest..

A bumper harvest from the lottie today.
We have taken in the past a few broad beans, some pak choi leaves and the odd pea pod which doesn't make it home.
But today we filled our arms.
Broad Beans, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, new potatoes, summer cabbage and peas!
Charlie helped to pod them ready for his tea.
A simple pleasure.
I think Dan and I might have broad bean and potato salad for our supper or maybe risotto.  YUM!


  1. yum, looks really nice!

  2. Mmm I love peas fresh from the pod. Mine are rubbish this year, most of the seedlings were eaten by something at the plot, mice? Birds? another plot holder? Not sure, but no yummy peas for me.

  3. delicious! I am popping up ours tomorrow to see if our first spuds are ready and I expect we may have a few broad beans too- hurrah for harvests!

  4. Fresh podded peas are my fave! :)

  5. oh you inspire me, but i think it will need to be next year now! too late for planting! xxxx


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