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We are back.
Back from a perfectly lovely weekend.
Friday we spent the day at the Royal Bath & West Show with the boys Grandparents.
Playing on the fun fair.  Riding on mini steam trains.  Watching the animals.  Daredevil motorcyclists. Visting the floral pavillion.  Picnicing on strawberries and mini pork pies.
Friday evening we drove down south further to rural Devon to meet up with friends for a weekend of chilled camping.
Sunshine. Barbeques. Fires. Star gazing. Raft making. Dam building in the stream. Walking through flower filled country lanes. Cuddling dogs and tickling children. Sharing. Laughing and relaxing.
The weather was warm, the nights were dark, the location green and the company relaxed & happy.
Good times.


  1. Sounds absolutely bliss. I cannot wait to go camping again in a couple of weeks. x

  2. Looks like bliss! Glad you had some lovely weather x

  3. What a fabulous weekend, glad you all had fun. Love the photos.

  4. those photos are perfection, Lou!

  5. Looks beautiful Lou! I love the picture with the sun on the grass...that’s a beaut that is! I am of course interested to know where in Devon you were?! Hope you’ve had a nice stay-at-home day x

  6. Oh, Lou, can I come too next time??
    It sounds idyllic, dreamy, just perfect in everyway ... aaaah, I dream of the days when our new family life can be as relaxed as your weekend sounds ... meanwhile I'll live my dreams through your camping expeditions!
    thank you for sharing,
    D xx

  7. Isn't it just great when a plan comes together. What wonderful memories. Beautiful photos as ever.

  8. Looks perfect - love the photos of the kids holding hands! Think we need to plan ourselves a weekend away - and I can only hope that it is as wonderful as yours.

  9. those first photos are so good! I'm glad I found your blog :)

  10. grate photographs

  11. Wow so much summer fun and summer has only just begun!!!

  12. Lovely happy pictures... I especially love the one of the grass, so so pretty :)


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