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I love the Eden Project.
This has been my 4th visit in the 10 years of it being opened, and this visit was by far the best.
Everything has grown!
The tropical rainforest in the large biome is now so huge, I actually forgot I was in this country.  Several times I started thinking I was back in South East Asia, especially now that we are allowed in the little bamboo house.  Memories of sleeping mosquito netted hammocks came flooding back.
The allotment area is my favourite, that and the wild flower meadows that cover the banks as you walk in.
The boys love the hands on activities, the story telling and the sense of freedom it offers.
If you ever come to Cornwall, make this place high on your list.
You won't be disappointed.


  1. Looks lovely. I remember going when I was a surly young-teenager,and seem to remember I was a bit grumpy about the whole thing. Funny because I would love to go now!

  2. Oh looks so lovely. I've not been to Cornwall yet, but i'm dying to go there for a camping trip. Love the pic of the washing!

  3. Great post and photos liked the washing photo.

  4. Gorgeous pictures. I've always wanted to visit, just wish it wasn't so far away x

  5. THE best place to visit in Cornwall. I used to visit 'all the time' during the Big Build when it was being built as I lived in Penzance at the time. I have been many times, and it never ceases to amaze, enthrall and inform. There is always something new to see. I agree with you - do visit if you are ever in Cornwall. No - you won't be disappointed. Ann x

  6. Oooooh, I've always wanted to visit the Eden Project. I may have to make plans to go.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful phots!x

  7. Oh wow- it just looks fabulous! I want to go to Eden more than anything else in the world, I really hope we make it there on the way down to our Cornish adventure in a couple of weeks x


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