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junk modelling...

Today we modelled with cardboard.
For weeks we have stock piled the cardboard recycling... cereal boxes, egg boxes, loo roll inners.
For weeks I have been nagged.. 'mummy when can we do junk modelling?'
Today we made a start.
Charlie's creation: a space ship
Rufus' creation: a tractor
They really enjoyed the process of finding a use of odd shapes and sticking it all together.
{the tractor lasted all of 20 minutes, before he got bored and pulled it to bits!}.
So... that's number 2 ticked off the list.


  1. That looks such fun!

  2. Looks like great fun. It's difficult constantly coming up with new ideas to keep them occupied, but you look like your going well :)

  3. I so need to do this - we have mountains of cardboard piled up and I was lacking inspiration. Love the idea of junk modelling!

  4. That is some rather chic 'junk' you have there - I spot Orla Kiely!

    I love their concentrated serious expressions.

  5. Hmmm I spy the box for the Orla jar I've had my eye on- very decadent robots!

  6. Looks like great fun!
    Is that a Dorset cereal box I see? Have you entered the code to win a camper van? I may becoming obsessed with the idea of winning one. Maybe I will manifest it!!
    I love your list.x

  7. brilliant! junk modelling is really challenging...did you make something lou? xx


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