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off glamping

My head is firmly in a field or a yurt...
I created this little treasury list over on Etsy this morning.
I keep going back to it and sighing..... 
Maybe I can squeeze another yurt adventure in before the end of the summer?


  1. I LOVE your new header Lou, just beautiful :)
    The thought of camping (or glamping!) right now not quite so appealing - it's so rainy here this week. But I'd love the cups and thermos for an indoorsy kind of picnic ;)
    x Rhi

  2. I know someone who is going camping this weekend and I was not jealous as the forecast is heavy rain! But actually, the thought of being snug in my sleeping bag, in a beautiful yurt with a hot cuppa while the rain makes that beautiful sound on the canvas is quite appealing!( especially wearing those beautiful lambswool slippers on and that sheepskin as a pillow...dream.)

  3. Oh I was just searching for camp sites for August when I saw your post! Loads of places are fully booked already {sigh}. I have a vision of taking off every sunny weekend to visit yurts, tipis and secret cabins!

  4. lovely! All gorgeous items, i especially love the mugs and the knit hat. Loving your new header too :)

  5. your camping exploits look just fabulous, I am gathering together my melamine, crochet blankets and thermos flasks for a camping weekend in two weeks, hope the summer returns in time!

  6. yuuuuuuuuuuurt. lovely treasury. x


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