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so overgrown

I nearly died when I saw the plot today.
I was hardly able to walk up the paths through the thick weeds.
Dan strimmed the whole plot, which enabled us to actually move around it, but this then highlighted the weeds covering the vegetables in the beds.
After hours of back breaking labour, we managed to weed free a couple of the beds... and take home a harvest to be proud of......
* 60 bulbs of garlic
* 20 onions
* loads of purple mange tout & peas
* sweet peas
* the final harvest of broadbeans
* new potatoes
* yellow and green courgettes
* and finally BEETROOT!  Yes, I can now grow the little buggers!

So I am achey and tired, but happy the plot is saved from couch grass, bindweed and thistles.

Have a great week.


  1. Wow, what a lovely garden - one day I would like to have one just like it xo

  2. wow! amazing haul. x p.s. that first photo reminds me of sally's secret by shirley hughes. do you know it? sweet book.

  3. Don't the weeds go mad at this time of year! I spent a few hours taming mine, dug a few potatoes and discovered most of my garlic has vanished! Don't know if mice like a bit of garlic or if the fat pigeons who ate my peas had the garlic too.
    Your harvest looks delicious!

  4. What a great harvest to find under all those weeds, worth all that hard work.

  5. oh well done you, glad to see that you have had some good crops and that you have done just as well in keeping the weeds too, mind i cant say too much as my beds need abit of a tidy up too x

  6. what a haul! we've daydreamed about having a plot for a while... but I fear we'd let it go more overgrown than that. yours just looks romantic and casual as opposed to really overgrown!

  7. Good work lady! What a haul xx

  8. It is amazing how quickly it grows isn't it! Great treasure to bring home though, you can't beat home veggies.

  9. Beautifully overgrown I think! Superb harvest and loved the impromptu tea party in your first photo. Those kids are too cool! X

  10. I thought the same when I visited my plot at the weekend. My dear husband spend several hours weeding one evening. I shall be returning wednesday to trim the grass paths and weed some more.
    Love your photos,and the wonderful harvest.x

  11. Wow you did well and your produce looks amazing! Hope you've enjoyed it! xxx

  12. Any chance you would like to come and work your magic in our garden ... please!!

  13. 60 garlic bulbs! Impressive!

  14. There's something so satisfying about returning home all achey and grubby with a basket load of home grown goodies!

  15. Oooh what goodies- well done! Loving how pretty your plot is too x


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