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the sun shone for 5 minutes...

After the rain of most of the weekend....
the sun shone for a wee while on Sunday afternoon.
A quick dash to Ashton Court Estate for a bike ride and to smell the roses.


  1. Wow that looks lovely - the smell of a garden after rain is one of my favourite smells. Love those little feet - v cute!

  2. Glad you got out into the sun when it shone

  3. What a washout the weekend was...Lovely pictures though - you really did make the most of the dry spell though - lovely pics. Fab to bump into you again today too!

  4. wet wet wet! sports days in the rain and more wet! love the shoes and the little legs xxx

  5. Lovely pictures Lou. You can almost smell the flowers!

  6. wow, well done. i like the idea of you peering out of the window, car keys in hand, ready to dash out at the first sign of sun! x

  7. Lovely photos, Lou. And a great place to escape to for some fresh air and big skies. I've not been there for some years, but still remember it fondly.
    Hope you have a good week ahead!

  8. I was amazed how green everything was when I came over to England a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was beautiful. We may have the sun here, but everything's so dry and yellow.
    My youngest prefers UK weather, too hot here - the grass is always greener, eh!


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