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super giant bubbles

Aren't these giant bubbles beautiful?
I would love to have a go this summer....
the boys will have a hoot chasing these monsters along the beach or park.
I love how they are there one minute, lolloping along and then ping! nothing.
The iridescent colours seem out of this world on the beach.

Here's a how to I found.


  1. These are so amazing! Like some sort of ghostly creature from another world.

  2. wow. they are amazing! x

  3. what. the. heckins. is that real? amazing! x

  4. We got some bubbles in a party bag at the weekend and V was totally baffled by them! Very amusing to watch and don't know what she would make of these!

  5. Bubbles are soooo pretty. There is a bubble man at the Big Chill festival every year who keeps the children (even the big ones, including this one) entertained for ever.

  6. They are like magic!


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