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time for tea...

Stopping for a break.
Mint tea in my new favourite cup and tea pot.
A spot of reading material too.
Lovely birthday gifts.
Happy days!


  1. yum! I had mine for breakfast - definitely tastes better out of that teapot doesn't it?! xxh

  2. I have that book too, it's great. But i don't have that teapot and i really really want one!! What lovely gifts you got.

  3. seriously STUNNING teapot!! now tell me, how did you enjoy your meal?

  4. I love your gorgeous birthday gifts ... hope you got all the time you needed to sit and enjoy them!

  5. I love your tea pot, I love fresh mint tea and i also add lemon balm.

  6. GORGEOUS new header and splendid birthday teapot! It will be a lovely reminder of special memories, every time you have tea. Love the welly-family photo too. Naomi. Xx


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