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yurting, cornwall style

Well, I promised you the cornwall adventure.
And what a wonderful weekend it was.
Beautiful, beautiful farm, amazing yurt and bell tents.  Relaxing, laid back, close to nature.
We even used the composting loo!
Days were spent watching the children play the most carefree games.
Eating good food cooked on the fire.
Walking hand in hand down the lane to the beach.
Wearing wet suits and wellies (well Charlie did).
Toasting marshmallows.
Card games by candle light.
Rides in massive wheel barrows.
Great surprises and delicious cakes (thank you Holly!).
Lighting lanterns (nearly burning down trees... ooops).
Thank you to my lovely friends and family for a great great birthday weekend.
(we came back sunday and I have already checked availability of the yurt to go back!).


  1. Wow Lou, that looks like the PERFECT weekend. Loving all the wellies :)
    Happy Birthday to you. xx

  2. your photos make me want to book our next camping trip!

  3. seriously, what kind of fantastic tents do yo have there?? That door is amazing!!

    also, i saw your birthday post and must confess to thinking that you are a total hottie. if 40 looks that attractive, then i want it!


  4. Wowzers (as you would say!). That looks lovely and love the yurt - glad you celebrated your birthday in style!

  5. Wowzers (as you would say!). That looks lovely and love the yurt - glad you celebrated your birthday in style!

  6. Oh Lou- it just looks like the best camping trip ever! I'm now thinking that we better cancel our Sept camping trip because ours aren't usually anywhere near as brill as yours looks- think tired whingey children, supernoodles and scrabble! x

  7. Gorgeous pics, looks like a fab break :) Love the wetsuit & wellies pic - so sweet.

  8. Gorgeous pics. Blimey I didn't know that yurts have their very own front door.

  9. Love the Yurt. Looks like you had a fab time. Cupcakes look yummy.

  10. I have been wanting a yurt holiday for a while - now I am totally dying to give it a go. It looks so much more luxurious than our usual tent holidays. What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday - well done you. x

  11. Oh, I am insanely jealous. I want to stay in a yurt!
    Beautiful photos.x

  12. looks amazing! I love Cornwall... have just come back from a 2 week holiday, and I want to go back! lovely photos x

  13. Wow! Lovely photos!!! thank you so much for your little gift! They are just lovely and I am very happy:o) I got them when I came home from our little vacation in Sweden;o) Nice surprice... Thank you!!!


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