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The boys went to summer swim camp this morning.
Charlie should be swimming unaided by the end of the week...he's doing really well.
Visited the much neglected allotment... these ballooned courgettes took us by surprise.
Found a tick embedded in Rufus' head!  Ergh... must have been there since camping.
Started pilates again... feeling a little achey now!  Need to tone up my post babies belly...I know they aren't babies anymore...



  1. Our allotment has been neglected so badly in th4e last few weeks- just can't get back on top of it! Well done Charlie and his swimming and ot you for getting fit x

  2. I don't like the sound of a tick in the head, but I remember my brother getting them in summer when we were at our holiday house up the coast.

  3. YAY Charlie - that's so wonderful!
    Pilates is great but I always struggle - they say breathe and then they say to focus on your pelvic floor - For me its one or the other, I struggle to do both at the same time!!

  4. Our courgettes have come along nicely in the last couple of weeks and we even got sme ripe tomatoes at last!

    Go Charlie on the swimming front. Swim camp sounds awesome! xx

  5. Deb@carrots12.8.11

    Lovely courgettes! Ew to the tick - horrid things. I'm also trying to tone up, not easy to get to exercise classes with all the children at home but come September...


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