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Gosh it rained most of the day.
We hung out in the boys bedroom building train tracks, made lego boats and meccanno airplanes.
We also baked banana flapjacks and played many puzzles.
Tomorrow we need to run and ride bikes.



  1. me too. lego in isi's room, while gus tried to destroy it. succumbed to cbeebies a bit too early. looking forward to gus being old enough to 'play nicely' with isi so we can all do the same thing together. x

  2. your rainy day sounds perfect to me! I just love quality family time days like that.... especially if they involve Lego!x

  3. Oh I miss playing with the wooden road & train track. There was a time in this house when it was out every day for months & months. I was cross with it then but now...
    Love your owl & the pussycat. Piggywig looks a splendid chap!

  4. Yay! Today should make up for a rubbish yesterday! Hope you get a run around and bike ride in.

  5. Despite the rain it sounds as though you had a great day. Please would you be able to point me in the direction of the babnan flapjack recipe? It sounds aces.

  6. The rain is rotten, but well done for keeping your two entertained. I hope the weather cheers up for our trip!

  7. Looks like you had a great day.


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