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A huge day, full of fun and adventure.
Rufus' pedalled a pedal bike for the first time.
My big boy still 3.
A new bike is on the cards for his 4th in 2 months time.



  1. Go Rufus!

    We were out this evening with F and her bike- she just cannot get the hang of bike riding and is feeling pretty stroppy about it too! xx

  2. I just found your blog, and I absolutely love all of your pictures.

  3. Oh well done Rufus. We MUST teach Finn to ride a bike this summer - he is 7!!! He is way too comfortable on the trailer bike. Lovely picture x

  4. How exciting ... Whenever I see a parent teaching their little one to ride a bike it brings back so many wonderful memories of my Mum and Dad teaching me. YAY!!

  5. thats fab! cant get my head around being there! pops at 4 still needs stabalisers and chats so much she regularly rides into hedges distracted with her non-stop chatter! Tilly at 5 still cant even pedal and Busby at 18 months screams to be independant and then screams when we stop pushing and he realises he cant do it yet! mmmmm biking adventures and peaceful bike rides a long way off! xxxxxx


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