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balloons & arrows...

It's been an exciting weekend here in Bristol.
All manner of flying machines have been above our heads.
The Bristol Balloon Fiesta was held in the nearby Ashton Court.
Sadly poor weather only showed us one mass ascent, we saw hundreds of balloons float over our house.
Sunday we headed to the allotment for a bbq and to watch the red arrows.
We did the very same last year so we knew how amazing it would be!
The excitement was getting to fever pitch as we sat and waited, then all of a sudden a roar in the skies and they were there.
Wow... the noise, the speed, they are breathtaking.
And with a final flourish they were gone... leaving us to water the plot, finish our chicken kebabs and pick some harvest.
Good times.


  1. fantastic pics lou! x

  2. lady, you are such a talented photographer!! I can see that image with the 4 jets printed onto think, textured paper and pinned ever so gently to the wall!

    xo em

  3. love the photos of the red arrows. I remember getting up early for the balloon fiesta, and the excitement when the red arrows went overhead!

  4. absolutely wonderful photos! I love that first one the best

  5. Oh i'd love to see that balloon festival. Beautiful pics Lou as always!

  6. My daughter has always loved hot air balloons. We plan to take her to Bristol balloon festival. There is one locally, but is cancelled nearly every year due to bad weather!
    The Red arrows are so exciting aren't they! We saw them last week and will be seeing them tomorrow. Eeeek, how exciting!

  7. Hello, I've just come over here from lizeylou. Lovely, lovely photos. Lovely, lovely blog. I can see why she wants to be your friend. Me too! Kellie xx


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