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I heart Bristol...

Wow Bristol just gets better.
This week saw the UK's biggest street art project open on the urban corridor of Nelson Street.
Nelson Street is a long forgotten area in central Bristol which has empty office blocks, run down shop fronts and not a great place to be day or night.
See No Evil  has brought together some of the biggest street artists from all over the world to come and transform this hole in Bristol.
Today the road was closed for a big party.
Part of the street was covered in an artificial lawn.  Large boxes of vegetables were planted up.  Trees were bought in and a hanging garden of butterfly loving plants were hung from the concrete.
Large sound systems blasted out a mix of reggae, hip hop and Northern Soul.
People wandered, dancing with a pint of cider in one hand and their camera in the other.
The art, jaw dropping... on an immense scale.
This was a horrible part of Bristol, it has now suddenly become a destination.


  1. Love that idea and the artwork looks lovely. I really must return to Bristol as I was born there but have never returned. x

  2. So bright and cheery- I especially love the tree in scarves!

  3. Love all these photos. What a great day. I love Bristol, having visited 3 times previously xx

  4. beautiful pictures and blog!

  5. Wish I'd known about this!

  6. That is so cool! Great photos. I particularly love that giant whale. Although I'm wondering what will become of the vegies? Kellie xx

  7. I am from Portugal, but I lived in Bristol for 6 months, and I just loved the city!!! Your pictures just make me want to go back:D

  8. looks like an amazing day lou. i love this community spirit. x

  9. How fantastic is that!
    Looks like the new cool place to be!

  10. Looks nice! I have only been in Bristol once, for a couple of days, and even though I didn't come across those areas, I still loved the city.


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