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new in the home...

Some new things in our home.
My birthday print by Yellena - I have adored her work for a very long time, so I am super happy I finally have her beautiful 'morning' print.  It brightens up my world.
Also new, a large wall map of the British Isles, which I have stuck up with tape opposite the bathroom.
Whenever we go anyway with the boys such as Cornwall, they ask "are we still in England?".
So I thought a large map to show where we are and how far away places are, might help.
Have a great Sunday, we are off foraging.... Jam making this week again!


  1. Oh that map is such a good idea- my dad is taking us to Kew in a couple of weeks and Flora's convinced London is another country too! x

  2. The map is great, I love maps... finding all the places I've been and all the ones still to go to! Sure your boys will love doing the same! Hope you bring back some nice goodies from your forage! Jenny x

  3. Great idea with the map. I really want one of those really old school maps.

  4. Oh yes the 'are we still in England' conversation, we have it regularly with our boys who have a map up in their room but still they ask!! The problem is we never say no. One day we really will confuse them when we manage to have a holiday abroad!

  5. seriously- we must come and visit your country and go foraging with you. I want to badly!



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