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sunday part 2

Thank you for all your amazing heart felt comments about my rant on Sunday.
I seemed to have struck a chord with many of you.
It is tough this parenting lark isn't it.
The main thread running through all of the comments was how you feel now you are a mother.  How fulfilled and whole and full of purpose your lives are, even though sometimes our little ones drive us to dispair! 
I hear you!  
I have never felt more alive and having more of a purpose than now.  
I am feeling so much better after reading that you ALL feel like this from time to time.
I feel 'normal'.

Anyway... here are some images of the lake on Sunday where I had a minor meltdown.  It looks quite chilled and relaxed doesn't it?  Who said the camera never lies?!



  1. Oh photos do lie - which it is why it is so lovely looking back at old photos, it makes your own life look such fun & perfect. The bad bits get forgotten!

  2. Those cheeky boys! Glad you're feeling a bit more chilled out- rest assured everyone edits out their children's tantrums and less-than-dignified mummy meltdowns from their blogs, I'm sure of it (well I certainly do!). No point in dwelling on them, onwards and upwards! x

  3. aahh lovely photos. I do feel more fulfilled as a mother but also do pine for the old me sometimes, the fun, up for clubbing, up for pubbing at any time person who seems to have disappeared under a blanket of sleep deprivation :-( Nothing wrong with missing things whilst also enjoying what you have. xxx

  4. Lou, I've just been catching up with your blog and so I so agree with so much that you wrote on Sunday. After 6 yrs of being parents I don't feel like Dave and I have ever had a night off, and we so need one. I listen to other parents that seem to get out kids free so all the time and I just don't know how they manage it. However much I love my 3 and they do make you feel complete it is so easy to lose yourself, I think that is one of the reasons that I sew because it is me and mine if that makes sense. I often feel that Dave and I need a night to just drink and dance carefree, but the time I guess will come again!
    As ever your photos are lovely and yea you are right they do make everything look perfect. Congrats to your youngest for the cycling I guess that just proves how quickly they grow up X

  5. Lovely pics. Funny how our kids always look adorable in pictures whilst managing to annoy the hell out of us in the moment. I hear you about the struggles. No. 3 has just discovered his testosterone. This is going to be a long summer holiday! Jacs x


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