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first day of auumn...

Yesterday saw the Autumn Equinox.  The first day of Autumn.
And what a glorious day it was too... although I didn't get to see much of it.  Charlie was off school still, with stomach pains and is just very tired...but that's another story.

Yes Autumn...I plan to

* take lots of walks in the woodlands and hedgerows.
* foraging mushrooms, sloes and hazelnuts for the winter (I love to squirrel!)
* make this soup
* Host a 4 year olds party
* Make these for the party, can you guess the theme?
* Celebrate Halloween with friends
* Carve lanterns
* make sloe gin & vodka
* Dig out cosy scarves and mittens
* Write our names in the air with sparklers
* Enter my wild plum jam in the Best of Bedminster Show
* Watch this crazy race

I love autumn... I think it's the time of year I wake up and come alive.
What do you like to do in autumn? Is there a special family tradition you like to do, or something cosy you like to make to eat.
Wishing you the most wonderful weekend!


  1. Yeay! I love autumn too! It's my absolute favourite time of year. I can't wait until Iris is a bit older and we can take her to see the fairy lights in the trees at Westonbirt! Yeay for crunchy leaves, new pencil cases and knitwear! xx

  2. I adore Autumn too - although for us here, it's not for another 6 months. We've got a long, hot summer to get through first! I think it's the gorgeous Autumn light that I love the most. That and the refreshing cool change after the long summer of course. Enjoy - sounds like you've got a lot planned. Kellie xx PS Hope that little man of yours is ok.

  3. Loving your autumn plans. those tails for Ru's party are awesome! showed them to my boys (the 16 & 14 ones) - they want one. Looking forward to seeing your autumn unfold x

  4. I am an autumn fan too. I don’t like the heat in the summer, so sunny autumn days are perfect. Bertie and I took a lovely stroll through the woods this morning and the sunlight was shining through the trees - beautiful (typically I didn’t have my camera). One minus was that several acorns fell on my head. Ouch. I always look forward to Dan digging out the slow cooker and making winter-warming stews. Yum. Hope you’re having a nice weekend. And sorry to hear about your week (will email later) xx

  5. love Autumn and your plan! cant wait to see you're wild plum jam! x

  6. Autumn is the best. I love the colours, getting cosy and eating some gorgeous comfort food. I totally forgot about celeriac until you reminded me. Yum.

  7. I'm excited about Autumn here too - it's still very new for me to have such a definite autumn after living in subtropical Queensland ;)
    I'm getting stuck in to pumpkins and walnuts, and have been squirreling nuts away too! Love the sound of sloe gin and vodka, hmmm, maybe I should try those too!?
    Hope Charlie is better soon :(
    x Rhi

  8. Yes yes I love autumn. The best of Bedminster show looks so fun!


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