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the man I love...
the smile in my life,
my best friend
the rock
and the inspiration
today I am grateful for the love of my life...
the calm in the storm of our family.
We love you!
He can also ride his bike like the wind, read the best bedtime story, carry his son on his shoulders for hours, make me giggle, beat me at scrabble, make a great cup of tea......
He is kind, gentle, brave, strong, loving and generous.
The best dad and the greatest boyfriend a girl could have (just wash up okay!).


  1. Oh a timely post for us down's Fathers day! So Happy (weird Australian why don't they do it with the rest of the world) fathers day to him!

  2. Yes, Happy Aussie father's day. I call my man 'the rock' too! And I have a personal weakness for any man that can make a mean cup of tea! x ashley

  3. Don't we all love our dads, glad your boys have a good one, hopefully they turn out like him.

  4. I think maybe I love him too! Sounds like a real keeper!!

  5. you luurrrrve him. ;)

  6. Aaaaaw, it's about time he made an honest woman of you ;-) xx

  7. ahh thats lovely xx


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