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live n deadly...

Yesterday we were one of the lucky few who were picked to go to CBBC's Live n Deadly Roadshow!
For those of you who don't know of the Deadly 60 craze..... Steve Backshall (the presenter) travels the world searching for the most deadliest of animals.  These can be birds of prey, snakes, insects, spiders or mammals.
Once he's found them, shown how deadly they are he puts them on the deadly list.
This show appeals to both Charlie & Rufus in different ways.  Rufus love to watch anything to do with animals, it's his passion.  Another Attenborough maybe?
Where as Charlie he loves it because it shows you really deadly dangerous animals.  Like the King Cobra who can kill 500 people in just 1 gram of venom..... coool as he would say.

So.... today we went along to the Live 'n' Deadly roadshow to meet their hero Steve Backshall and to see deadly animals up close.
My lovely friend Charley came along too with her daughter Flora who is also a huge fan.
The rain held off, thankfully.
We were booked in for 11.30 show... and it didn't disappoint.
Steve showed us Harris Hawks, Eagle Owls, Snapping Turtles, a massive Centepede and a Reticulated Python.
The looks on the children's faces when the python came out... such squeals of delight.
A great DEADLY day out!


  1. Wow that looks amazing Finn would love that. Have you been watching 'Natures Miracle Babies' on beeb 1 Sundays. Finn loves that one too. Hell we all do - endangered animals having babies; what's not to love?
    Thankyou for your lovely comments on my post - complements about my photos from you mean a lot as you are ace behind the camera!

  2. My 8 year is a huge Deadly 60 fan too, we watch it together - he enjoys seeing the animals and I enjoy seeing Steve!

  3. Oh wow what great photos- well done for getting some of the main man- that snake, eep!! Thanks again,we had a wonderful time x

  4. Bet the boys had a great time.

  5. I loved watching the deadly 60 on the telly, I bet it was really fun seeing some of the animals for real x

  6. ha ha looks like such a scary day out, bet Rufus & Charlie were in their element!
    Did they mention ear burrowing spiders at all?

  7. bloody hell, look at the size of that snake! the boys must've been completely starstruck. great day out. x


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