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Look what I've been doing today....

Today I have been photographing Yixing teapots.
Cute aren't they?
I've been helping Dan to photograph these new products for Canton's website.
I am so worried I will drop one, so perfect and delicate, each one is hand crafted in China by small artisan potters, each are inspired by nature.  The top one above resembles a squash.
Perfect for drinking traditional green tea.
Speaking of which I need a cuppa!


  1. Oh aren'tthey so sweet- I love the top one! Great shots x

  2. I like what you have been doing. These are great shots Lou :)

    Gorgeous pots too...they look like they’re made of chocolate. Lovely shapes. x

  3. They really are beautiful aren't they - so simple. Just lovely. I'm a real fumble fingers, I'd be nervous about dropping one too! Kellie xx

  4. They are beautiful - so organic in not only appearance but colour. I'm having my first cup of morning tea right now.
    Beautiful photos Lou.

  5. Ooh I was going to say that they looked like chocolate but Kerry got there first! Love your photos. When are you going to become like Tim Coulson & photograph everyone!?

  6. they are beautiful. i too thought after the title and first photo you had been molding chocolate!
    happy weekend, x ashley


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