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Pink Rose Card back in stock...

Good morning lovely people!
How has your Friday been so far?
I've been listing new stock onto the shelves of my shop.
My best selling Pink Rose Card is now back in stock... hurry these sell out pretty fast.

In other news... I am very excited to be popping on the train tomorrow and heading up to London and having a good ole' nose around Camden Passage with these two lovely ladies... Books and Tree.  Yippy!  I must admit I am a bit nervous about the tubes...being a country lass.  But I am sure we will have a great time.  Photos of our trip will be posted over the weekend, it will be interesting to see how each of us post about the day.

Also on Sunday we are off to meet Steve Backshall at the Live 'n' Deadly roadshow!  Oh my!  My two are both very very excited!

A busy weekend indeed.
Hope you all have a great one.


  1. Have an amazing time tomorrow- can't wait to see the pictures! Lucky you having a child free day too xx

  2. That's such a beautiful photo! Have a fab weekend in the big smoke, look forward to your pics :) xxx

  3. Have a wonderful time in London Town. You'll be fine on the tube. I went in November last year, messed up the ticket machine every time and absolutely every member of staff on the underground was lovely to me! A complete surprise. Have placed a little order by the way!

  4. love that rose card - stunning! don't be nervous about the tube. just follow the signs, give your seat up for pregnant ladies and of course MIND THE GAP!

    i don't know who steve backshall is. am i missing out?

    see you later lou archell! x

  5. enjoy your visit to london town Lou - tube is fine but the bus is better!

  6. Hope you have fun in the big city. I'm always a bit overwhelmed visiting London after the safety of teeny Bath! And loving the postcard. B-e-a-utiful xx


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