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The first day of September.
I LOVE September.
I love the change of season.
Autumn is my favourite.
It's the squirrelling I love.  Gathering crops, harvest.  Turning them into Jams & Chutneys.
Hoarding of onions, garlic, squashes and potatoes to give us warmth through the winter months.
I love to forage for mushrooms, blackberries and sloes.  Rose hips for making a syrup to ward off colds and flu's.
In September we get our home ready for the winter.  Bring out lovely warm blankets and plan projects to keep us occupied on cold winter days.
Today I went out in the garden and spied signs of Autumn.
My onions drying in the sunshine.
Spiders, fat from the summer, trying to catch more before the winter.
Large yellow heads of the Rudbekia.
And my beautiful rosie red apples on the tree.
Ah yes, welcome September.... please bring us warm days and an abundant harvest.


  1. Gorgeous, I love the top appley one especially. Will you post your rose hips syrup recipe please? x

  2. Me too, I adore everything about autumn. Today has been scorching so maybe September may be better than August.

    I've started getting ready for winter too, throws are out, got the rug unrolled and in front of the fire place and a new project of learning crochet for the dark evenings.

    Sam x

  3. Squirrelling is a lovely way of describing autumnal jobs! Makes me think of Squirrel Nutkin!
    I think I'm looking forward to chutneying the most...I've just written myself a list of Septemberish things to do on my blog!
    Oh so jealous of your rosie red apples :) x

  4. It certainly seems very Autumnul already- lots of browning leaves on the trees round here. Thankful for a warmer day today! x

  5. Gorgeous and wishing you a fruitful harvest! x

  6. What a beautiful post :) I love autumn too :D

  7. BEAUTIFUL! The very end of summer is the very best bit I think. Enjoy your autumn!

  8. Sounds so romantic. I've seen your lovely blog mentioned a few times around the community... I finally came to see what all the fuss was about.

    And now I see. Lovely space you have here. I'll definitely be back :) X


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